Gemstone Sex Toys

With Valentine's Day fast approaching you might be wondering about what to buy that special person in your life. Or yourself for that matter. Well, how about a gemstone Vibrator?

Our Leeds Escorts had mixed reactions to these but had to admit they were certainly different.

Chakrubs specialises in creating crystal sex toys. They might not sound like the most inviting type of sex toy around, but they are certainly proving popular. As well as dildos you can buy butt plugs, eggs and other sex toys in a range of semi-precious stones.

Owner, Vanessa Cuccia, got the idea after joining a New Age community and starting to combine crystals with sex. Crystals are supposed to have many healing, calming and other powers. I knew that what I needed was more than an orgasm, said Vanessa. She says she wanted to create a 'tantric technology' to enable her to experience deeper personal intimacy.

The gemstone dildos look a bit cold and hard to us but at least they are bathtub friendly!

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