More Naughty, Fruity Fun!

Here's a novel way to use fruit to describe the difference between porn sex and real sex! Yep, this naughty, fruity video is going to set you straight when it comes to porn and real sex.

We've all been taken in by porn stars and led to believe that they have the most amazing sex lives that we mere mortals can never aspire to. But it's simply not the case. And now a video, created by NYC-based production company KB Creative Lab, is making plain the difference, using fruit!

Truth to tell our lovely Leeds Escorts couldn't stop laughing when they watched the video, but really appreciated the point it was making. There is a world of difference between paid actors performing a sexual act in full view of a camera crew and two ordinary people with all their imperfections, having a whole lot of fun together in privacy. If you're the kind of person who still believes that real sex should more closely resemble porn then this video is definitely for you!

It's fair to say that their interpretation of anal sex may just put you off bananas and Nutella forever, this video will certainly clear up any confusion between porn and the real thing!

Banana anyone?