Get A Free Subway!

Our Leeds Escorts couldn't believe it when they heard that Subway are giving away food on Valentine's Day. But it's true.

If you're feeling a bit blue about Valentine's Day because you don't think anyone is going to be sending you a special gift, then Subway is stepping in! On the main day of the year for celebrating love, it seems that Subway wants to really spread the love around by giving away their 6" subs. They are calling tomorrow Customer Appreciation Day. To get your free sub all you have to do is buy a large dispensed drink or bottle of water. Drinks cost about £1.50 so it's a really good deal!

Just pop into one of their participating stores between 11 am and 7 pm to claim yours. What's more there are over 20 participating stores in and around Leeds so you've really no excuse! You can find out which stores are participating by clicking here

Don't get over greedy though. The offer doesn't include double meat or extra cheese!

Happy Valentine's Day Subway!

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