A Little Help With Foreplay

Let's face it, we could all use a little help sometimes, and perhaps especially when it comes to sex! And guys, ladies love foreplay! Sad to say though that some men don't find it that much fun and some ladies take a little time to get going. If any of that sounds familiar then the Fiera could be the answer to your prayers.

To be fair, our Leeds Escorts have mixed feelings about this one. Some of our ladies thought this was a great idea, while others felt that a gadget would take away the intimacy and passion. The foreplay gadget is designed to get a woman in the mood in around 10 minutes. Basically, it's a little suction cup that sits over the clitoris and uses vibrations to get the lady in your life aroused.

Yes, it does sound a bit impersonal, but for those who really can't be bothered or for those women who find it difficult to get aroused it might be the perfect answer. At around £170 it's not cheap – so make sure you're going to use it before you buy!

In the end the vote in our Leeds Escorts Agency office was that our ladies would rather have 10 minutes of more personal foreplay or a bit of together fun with a vibrator, especially given the price!

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