Foods To Boost Your Erection

If you want an erection boost, but don't fancy Viagra, then maybe these foods can help? It's no secret that many men worry about being able to function ion the bedroom and sales of Viagra have really taken off. But it can't be good to take that all the time right? So why not try one or more of these 'natural' cures?

Scientists at Harvard and the University of East Anglia teamed up to look at the best food to eat to stay hard. And guess what? They found that guys who consumed a glass or red wine and ate citrus fruits regularly were less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. What do these foods have in common? Flavonoids.

According to the research, if guys ate between three and four portions of flavonoid-rich food each week, it's possible to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by as much as 21%. That sounds pretty good to us. But as our Leeds Escorts reminded us � don�t go overboard on the red wine or it'll have the opposite effect!

So what other foods can help? Here's their top tips, in no particular order:

Coffee; Red wine; Citrus fruit; oysters; pork; onions and garlic (go easy on the garlic - chew some parsley or peppermints after eating!)

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