Food Themed Condoms!

Our Leeds Escorts just loved these new style condoms designed by a group of women in Taiwan! The women behind the 'food' themed condoms are in fact students at Tainan university in Taiwan. As part of the senior year project, they wanted to find out is more women would be up for buying condoms if they looked little cuter.

The food themed condoms are decorated with images of fruit, veg and cupcakes. In Taiwan it's still largely men who buy condoms and the girls wanted to encourage more women to pick up the safe sex products. Called 'Oops' the condoms the students confess they are too busy at the moment to turn their idea into a fully-fledged business, but once their studies are over they hope to sell the brand internationally.

Our Leeds ladies certainly thought the packaging was cute and less embarrassing than most condom packaging, so they felt women would be more likely to pick up the product in their local store.

‘As women, we need to be responsible for our own protection. We can’t rely on men.’ Said one of the Oops team. Women in the UK may be less shy about buying condoms, but still, anything that encourages their purchase, and use of course, has to be a good thing, doesn't it?

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