Fitbit Sex Coach!

This is truly Lovely! No really, it is. 'Lovely' is the name of a new Fitbit that has been designed to help guys improve their sexual performance and provide enhanced, longer lasting erections. Sound good? Read on!

The new Fitbit is worn on the base of the penis. It tracks things like calories burnt during your sex sessions, but also number of thrusts as well as your 'top speed'! After it's collected all the data it sends it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. The app will then offer you suggestions on how to improve your performance.

Included within the Apps database are over 120 sexual positions – so it's a bit like a high tech Karma Sutra! The makers says that the gadget's subtle vibrations also stimulate the clitoris – so our Leeds Escorts reckon this sounds like an all-round winner. And with an expected retail price of about £65 a bargain too!

The designers are seeking crowdfunding for the Fitbit. It you want to get involved or find out more about it, visit crowdfunding site Indiegogo where you'll find a promotional video.

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