Female Students Get Less!

It seems that female students are very good at giving oral sex, but unfortunately are not getting as much as they give! Does that surprise our Leeds Escorts? Sadly, not at all.

A recent study by Trojan Sexual Health in Canada has confirmed what most young women already know. The girls are giving but not receiving. At least not in equal amounts! Eight hundred and ninety nine Canadian college students were surveyed by the organisation who found that 63% of men surveyed reported oral sex as being a part of their most recent hook up, while only 44% of women could say the same thing.

It's perhaps just another example of the gender gap. And it's definitely not fair! Let’s be straight about this. Oral sex is great – for both men and women. So why are men having more fun? It’s not that women are not as keen on receiving oral sex. In fact the survey found that 52% of the men were really excited about going down on their partners, while only 28% of women said they were excited at the thought of giving blow jobs. So what on earth is going on?

Maybe women are less likely to ask for oral, while blow-jobs are viewed as a given? What's clear is something needs to change! Come on guys, get on with it!

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