Fellatio And Coffee!

If you enjoy sex, and who doesn't, and you enjoy coffee, then how about putting the two together? An enterprising guy in Geneva has put the two together by opening up a 'Fellatio Café.' Our Leeds Escorts are a little bit jealous that the café only offers the service to men and doesn’t have a similar offering for women!

We are a bit concerned about scalding your bits with hot coffee whilst enjoying some oral sex, but perhaps we shouldn’t be. After all, avoiding spilling your coffee probably just adds to the excitement!

Don’t book your flight just yet though. The café, located in Geneva, where prostitution is legal, is due to open at the end of 2016. You don't have to have coffee with your fellatio, you can order tea too, and cake if that's what does it for you! Customers, sitting at the bar, can choose a sex worker using an iPad. While the customer enjoys their coffee, or tea, they can also enjoy some oral sex.

A representative of the café told us 'in five or ten minutes, it's all over'. That's ok then. The coffee and sex combo is going to cost around £40. Ours is not to judge whether or not this is a savoury idea. What do you think?

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