Erotic Theme Park

Planned to open in 2018, Erotikaland is going to be an adult only theme park in Brazil. The park is due to be built about 2 hours away from Sao Paolo and is going to be entirely themed around sex. Well if you think about it, sex is one of the most fun things you can do, and amusement parks are fun too! Put the two together and you’ve got a sure-fire winner!

Our Leeds Escorts were interested to read that the park will have a ‘7D’ cinema (we have no idea what that means!) that will feature vibrating seats, a nudist pool and bumper cars shaped like genitalia!

A sex playground is also planned along with a water slide and a ‘train of pleasure’. The park will be decorated with erotic sculptures. Aphrodisiac treats will be served from ‘snack shacks’ and the park will also feature a museum dedicated to the history of sexuality.

The investors behind the theme park are actually hoping it will promote healthy attitudes towards sex and encourage condom use. Don’t get the wrong idea though. Sex in the park will not be permitted. If couples get that hot and steamy, they’ll need to book into a local hotel!

There are a couple of downsides. Firstly the Christian Socialist Party lead the Piracicaba City Council and might put a stop to the park. They are worried that the theme park might gain Brazil a reputation as the sex capital of the world. The other is the if the park goes ahead entry is likely to cost in the region of £69 per person! We rather hope it goes ahead, it sounds like a dose of good clean fun to us!

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