England And Wales And Sex

While our Leeds Escorts don't mind a bit of football and were certainly keen to watch the game last week, they were more interested in this little bit of research about England, Wales and Sex!

OnePoll recently conducted a survey for This morning, delving into the bedroom habits of the two nations. Well actually they looked at Scotland and Ireland too! The wanted to find out who were the winners in the bedroom and not on the pitch.

And we can now reveal that the English beat the Welsh when it comes to sex too! While the Welsh admit to having sex 2.1 times a month, the English manage 2.5 times a month. And it turns out that the lads in the North East of England are the horniest, getting their ration more than 5 times a month!

The research revealed a few other interesting facts. It seems that Welsh women like to dominate and are much more likely to take the lead than their English, Scottish or Irish counterparts. Fifty-eight per cent of Welsh women rated their own sex skills 'very highly' whilst few thought their partners where better lovers. The Welsh men on the other hand were much less confident about their sexual performance, with only 39% of them rating their performance at top notch. Sounds like those Welsh guys could do with a bit of encouragement!

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