Energy Drinks Banned

We hear so much about alcohol, for example, a glass of red wine being good for you, or bad depending on who is writing the article. But this time the focus isn't on alcohol but on those sickly, sweet energy drinks that seem to be popping up all over the place. And they are particularly popular with students it seems, who often use them to keep themselves awake!

According to a University in Vermont, energy drinks promote 'risky, sexual behaviour'. So serious is the problem there that Middlebury College is going to ban the sale of all energy drinks from 7 March. And although we might think that this is all a bit far-fetched, it seems they may have a basis for their actions. But the students are not impressed. ‘There are more important things for them to address,’ said fourth-year student Arnav Adhikari.

In 2014 a study was carried out that found risky sexual behaviour was more common in those who regularly used energy drinks. Yet another study found that people who mixed energy drinks and alcohol were more likely to have causal sex.

The findings don't really worry our Leeds Escorts . They say they have plenty of energy without the help of energy drinks!

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