Couples Who Drink Together Are Happier

Published in the 'Journals of Gerontology' (whatever that is!) a recent study has said that couples who drink together are happier together. It seems that the secret of a happy marriage may lie at the bottom of a gin bottle after all!

Four thousand eight hundred married people were surveyed, with couples having been together for an average of 33 years. The research found that couples over the age of fifty had better marriages is both partners drank alcohol. Now, they don't mean drinking to excess, just sharing a bottle of wine or two. So long as neither drank to excess, it was all about whether both of them drank or only one of them. In the relationships where one partner enjoyed a drink and the other didn’t, it was found both were more likely to feel unsatisfied with the relationship.

But our Leeds Escorts were also interested in the discovery that the same was true where neither partner drank. So it seems that the secret to a happy relationship is that it doesn't matter whether you drink or not, so long as you both do the same. And, obviously, you don't drink to excess. It stands to reason really that your relationship won't be much fun if one, or both, of you is in an alcoholic haze most of the time!

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