Dress Up Your Penis!

Men love it when women dress up in sexy lingerie, even if, as exposed in our last blog, some of it can be difficult to put on and uncomfortable to wear. So guys, now it's your turn. Are you ready for the Schlong Suit? The girls at our Leeds Escort Agency LOVED this cute outfit for your schlong!

Apparently the Schlong suit is going to be the next 'big thing'. It's time for the guys to dress to impress. The origins of the penis suit date back centuries when shepherds would wear a knitted 'cover' to keep their most valuable asset warm in winter. Now sex toy brand Lelo, who we often talk about on here, are pioneering this tiny tailored tuxedo, perfect for any size penis! They've taken their inspiration from Scottish 'willie warmers' which are sold widely in the UK.

You can't argue about the stylishness of this item, called TUX. You just slip it on to your manhood and it's held in place by a stretchy cord, so it can fit a range of sizes. Made from satin and finished off with a bow tie, it'll certainly make your manhood look suave!

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, the sale of the TUX has come just in time for those ladies looking for a special gift for the man in their life. Sexpert, Tristan Taormino thinks that dressing up you schlong could do wonders for your sex life!

If you fancy giving it a go, the TUX is a steal at jut £19.95 from Lelo.com. Get yourself one now before they sell out!

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