Doncaster Nude

It's a mystery who this woman is who was pictured walking down a street in Doncaster completely naked. Nicked named the 'Doncaster Nude' everybody, it seems, including our Leeds Escorts, wants to know who she is and why she did it!

The Doncaster Nude has certainly aroused a lot of interest! Appearing to be completely oblivious to everything around her, the woman walked down the street, which is thought to be near the Beechfield Garage and close to the Police Station in the town, without a stitch on. The picture was uploaded to Facebook and now it seems everyone is trying to identify her.

According to those who witnessed the event there was a man with her, who was carrying a coat, and it appeared he might have been trying to get her to put it on. To no avail it seems!

Last year Police in Doncaster announced they were going to step up prosecuting public acts of indecency in the town after receiving 48 complaints since 2010. We guess the Doncaster Nude had better hope she isn't identified!

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