Deep Fried Mince Pies! Yummy!

As if we don't have enough sweet treats at Christmas, one enterprising fish and chip shop has branched out and started serving deep fried mince pies! We're sorry to have to tell you though, that, at the moment, they aren't available in Leeds!

Our Leeds Escorts are rather hoping that after this blog is published someone might start cooking these in the city so they can try them! At the moment you can get your deep fried mince pies at Oh My Cod in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The fried pie has been a real hit with customers since they were added to the menu last week. Priced at 60p each, the shop has sold about 100 so far. 'We just wanted to do something for Christmas' said shop owner Bill Rai. Mr Rai tells us the pies are more flavoursome after the deep frying which brings out the spices.

Not to be outdone, a chippie in London Sutton & Sons is going for a bit of one-upmanship. They are serving their deep fried mince pies with brandy cream! Come on Leeds, we want to try one!

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