Daylight Sex

A couple who decided that they just couldn't wait were snapped by a passer-by in Minsk, Belarus, having sex on the pavement – in broad daylight! Now, no one can accuse us of being prudish, but the girls at our Leeds Escort Agency were a bit shocked at the photo that I now circulating the internet.

Wearing a black Nike jumper (motto 'Just Do It') the man is seen with his trousers round his ankles while the woman bends over. The couple are just metres away from a main road, when they appear to have been caught up in the throes of passion. Or maybe it was a bet. Not very romantic, but, hey, who are we to judge!

Unfortunately for the couple a passer-by took a snap of them and circulated it on social media. If tracked down by the authorities, the couple could face a heavy fine for 'hooliganism'. In addition, the woman could be additionally fined for dissemination of pornography!

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