Would You Date A Vegan?

We're often encouraged to go Vegan. It's supposed to be better for our health. And then there's the moral stance. But despite the benefits, a quick poll in our Leeds Escort Agency office showed that most of us don't even know a Vegan. And maybe there's a reason for that!

A new study, conducted on dating app, Trueview.me, surveyed 1000 women and men from around the UK. It wanted to find out their thoughts on dating, food and love. What they discovered, much to their surprise was that around a third of their survey wouldn't date a vegan! Their survey also showed that men would be more likely to be put off by a vegan.

So if you are thinking about becoming a Vegan, maybe you should consider your live life first! However, the lack of dating opportunities for vegans wasn't the only thing the survey discovered. It also found that 77% of people wouldn't give up meat for a partner.

Have no fear, though, the survey had bad news for just about everyone! Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed said they found eating junk food the most off-putting habit a partner can have! Seems we're all in trouble!

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