Crazy Competitions!

In fact it's not just the Japanese who go in for weird and wacky competitions. The Americans are close behind! Favourite in the USA is the Air Sex World Championships. So what's that we hear you ask? Imagine air guitar, but a sexy version!

Contestants have imaginary sex in front of a live audience. The contest started in 2009 and tours across the whole of the States looking for the top 'sex mime'. The winner is crowned the Air Sex Victor!

The one that really had us in fits of laughter in the Leeds Escorts office was the Japanese 'Hand Job Karaoke'. Yep, you read that right! The game show is basically a karaoke singing competition, but the contestants have to sing whilst getting a hand job! The aim is to sing a song, with faltering, and to the end, while a woman, usually dressed as a sexy nurse, pleasures him. And before blowing their load! Yes, you read that right too. They actually ejaculate! Weird or what?

The one that we couldn't see many people entering though was the search for the smallest penis. But we were wrong. And this year the New York competition has opened up a website allowing people to nominate their 'friends'! The prize for flaunting your manhood, or lack of it, is a measly £325.

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