Did Her Majesty Blush?

Restorers who were recently working on one of the Queen's paintings came across something a little unusual. The 17th Century Dutch painting contained a cover-up. A male figure, apparently relieving himself in the foreground of the village scene, had ha a bush painted over him!

It's believed that he was painted over more than 100 years ago, either when Queen Victoria would have been on the throne or her son, Edward. The painting was actually acquired by George IV in 1810 when he was Prince of Wales. George would have probably found the figure amusing, but not so, it seems, the Edwardians.

Of course, as you might expect, our girls in Leeds were eager to see if they could spot the fellow, now that he's been uncovered. It's not easy!

A major exhibition, entitled Master Of The Everyday: Dutch Artisits in the Age Of Vermeer, prompted the restoration and the discovery of the cover-up.

The Surveyor of The Queen's Pictures, Desmond Shawe-Taylor, who is curator of the exhibition said: 'It's a fun example of the way in which the tastes from different periods respond differently to the same thing� George IV loved that kind of thing� Being a man of the world, [he didn't] mind a few rude jokes.'

The exhibition opens at Buckingham Palace on November 13th.

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