Condoms Don't Fit?

When eighteen-year-old Emily White, from Utah, was messing around with a condom, she was reminded of the 'excuse' that guys sometimes use, that they are just 'too big' to use condoms. Having slipped the condom over her entire arm, Emily realised it was a pretty lame excuse and posted a photo on Twitter to prove it!

The photo came to the attention of our Leeds Escorts who just had to agree with Emily that any guy trying to get out of wearing a condom would literally have to be hung like a horse!

It's not the first time guys have been caught out in this way. Earlier this year a Swedish singer, Sara Larsson, did a similar thing by putting a condom over her entire leg! We know you might not like wearing them, but in the interests of promoting safe sex, they're the best idea. At any rate, please don't tell us you can't wear one because you simply won't fit!

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