Coloured Penises

Just imagine. A colouring book full of penises! There’s everything you could think of here. From rainbows to peacocks. Our Leeds Escorts just love this new book!

The book isn’t actually available just yet, as it’s still in development, but you can get a preview. The book is the brainchild of two women who work in architecture. It’s been called Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring (it’s an American book). While the two women were studying together they noticed two things: ‘That approximately 90% of buildings – and a lot of everyday objects – look like dicks, and that this is hilarious.’

The women are currently trying to raise around $7750 through crowdfunding so that they can launch the first edition. At the time of writing they had already raised $1665 and are well on target, having already designed about half of the 30 page book.

The women have also promised that when the book is finally published they will be donating a portion of sales to fund sex education in schools. If you want to be a part of the book then visit where you can donate!

(Picture: Youtube/Pen15 Club)

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