Circumcision. Better Or Not?

Some men were circumcised at birth, so don't know any different. Others may have had the decision forced upon them for medical or religious reasons, and others may have made the choice for hygiene reasons. But if you've been circumcised since birth, you may wonder if you're missing out in some way.

Because, as our Leeds Escorts will tell you, sex is all about pleasure! So if you're circumcised are they 'in tact' guys really better off? For most men who have not been circumcised, the idea gives them the willies! Largely because they think that the loss of their foreskin will reduce their pleasure. But it seems that isn’t true.

Many women prefer a circumcised penis, for BJs and intercourse, while men prefer to be intact. But the research, carried out by the American Urological Association, shows that the procedure has little or no effect. They studied 62 men (yeah, we know, not a very big sample!), and assessed their sensitivity to touch, heat and pain in four penile areas, the head, shaft, base of the shaft and, where it was present, the foreskin.

Their results showed that although the foreskin was very slightly more sensitive than other areas, overall it had no real effect on the pleasure levels.

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