Christmas Presents

The tradition of giving presents on Christmas day may feel like it’s been around for ages, but it fact, like a lot of things in the UK, it's very much a Victorian tradition. People used to look forward to opening their presents on New Year's Day.

According to the 'Royal Collection' Queen Victoria's children first got 'Christmas Eve gifts in 1850. From there the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas day seems to have developed. Whenever you open your presents, and amongst our Leeds Escorts we had some varied answers, we hope you get what you want. Finding the right gift for a special someone is never easy. But don't despair we're here to help! We asked our Leeds ladies for some tips.

Men often go for sexy lingerie for their partners or girlfriends, but this can be a minefield. The problem is often that a man will buy what he wants to see a woman wearing, and that's not necessarily the same thing as the woman in your life might want. Tread carefully, unless you're absolutely certain especially of the size that you need to buy. A big difficulty here is that despite saying the same thing, not all manufacturer's sizes are identical. So what might be a size 12 in one brand could either be too big or too small in another brand.

Of course women love to be pampered. Who doesn't? Perfume, if you know what she likes, is always a good choice and why not buy all the matching smellies, such as shower gel and body lotion while you're at it. Jewellery is always a good idea too. Women can rarely have too much jewellery! Lots of women like to accessorise, so handbags and scarves, of good quality are often a winner. If all else fails and you're really stuck for present ideas, our ladies reckon you can't go far wrong with a beauty treatment voucher. That way they can choose whether to use it for a massage or to have their nails done. Good luck with your Christmas shopping!

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