Ideas for Christmas Presents 4

If you've got a fisherman in your life somewhere, maybe a partner, father, or brother, here's a Christmas present they might just love! Our Leeds Escorts thought this one could be a real winner even if fishing isn't up your street!

The Carponizer Carp Calendar 2017 is just the gift for anyone who gets excited by fish, or naked women! For each month of the coming year, there's a glorious picture of a huge fish, accompanied by a rather stunning naked woman!

The only problem we had with it was that we weren't quite certain if the women posing in the pictures were entirely comfortable with their co-stars or vice-versa. But if you ignore the fish, there are certainly some beauties here to make any man's heart beat a little faster.

Just to reassure you, the author of the calendar, Hendrik Pohler, said that two experienced handlers were at the shoot to oversee the treatment of the fish.

If you know just the person for this gift the calendar is available on Amazon for £16.90. Get in quick!

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