Ideas for Christmas Presents 1

If you're stuck for ideas for Christmas presents, through our Leeds Escort Agency blog, we're going to give you a few ideas over the coming days. The ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency have been having a look around, thinking about what went down well last year and have come up with a few suggestions.

Last year we reported on an adult colouring book. This year, Pornhub have done it again, but this is the real deal! A truly inspired adult colouring book. So much more satisfying that colouring in a few flowers!

It’s pretty reasonably priced too. Called, not surprisingly, The Adult Adult Colouring Book it features very sexual sketches by artists including Alpha Channeling, Apollonia St-Clair and Arrington De Dionoyso. Make no mistake, this is the real deal!

The sketches are taken from real porn scenes from major porn studios and we reckon there's something in here to suit every taste. The themes range through sex, body, queerness and erotic expression.

As to the price, you can order the book through Pornhub's website for £15.71. Or if you can't wait you can download a sample image from the website too.

So that's Dad's present sorted then.

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