Christmas Penis?

Accident or design? Do you think the designer of this Christmas pyjama top knew what they were doing or is it just the rest of us that see a penis here? Certainly some shoppers have complained that Primark have put a huge penis on this pair of Christmas pyjamas!

Our Leeds escorts really couldn't make up their minds about this one. Of course, once someone has pointed out the phallic shape you can find it, but if you didn't know it was there, you probably wouldn't see it! And in case you still can't see it, it's right on the dog's face. The 'balls' are on his chin and the hat is covering up the 'helmet'. There's even a bell on the end (get it? Bell-end?). We really can't decide if the designer knew what they were doing and were secretly having a good laugh when Primark went on to manufacture the pyjamas.

Primark is well-known for its over the top Christmas jumpers, but it does leave us wondering it they've taken it a bit too far this year! The photo was posted by a shopper on Family Days. Tried & Tested Facebook page with the message: ‘Treated myself to some jarmies in Primark today to go with last nights sausage dinner. I did giggle. I wonder what breed of dog this is….’

We think it's a Boston Terrier…..

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