Rare Full Moon Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve sky will be extra bright this year as it is going to be lit by a rare full moon. Known as a full cold moon, the last one occurred in 1977 and the next one won't happen until 2034! The full moon will peak at 11.11 pm on Christmas Eve in the UK and, if the skies are clear, will be worth a look.

Our Leeds Escorts were fascinated to learn about some of the superstitions attached to the full moon. Most of us will be familiar with the legend that the full moon can turn people in werewolfs and that people go mad when the moon is full. So everything you need for a perfect Christmas. Family, alcohol and a full moon - could be explosive! But did you know that a full moon is also supposed to be good luck for a new job and a good time to finish old business?

The moon is also said to affect fertility and a full moon can give your sex life a boost! Sounds good to us!

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