Have you ditched the diet yet?

Have you ditched the diet yet? Tilda Basmati Rice did some research and reckon they pinned down the exact time we all gave up on our diets! It was 9.58 am on Friday December 4th when we decided we'd start tucking in to the festive fare. However we're afraid we have to disagree!

It seems that 5 million of us agreed that we care less about our health and eating well when Christmas comes around. Not just that but the biggest over-eaters will be the 16-25 year olds. Research says this age group will eat their way through an extra 30,000 calories from December 4th to Christmas Day. Wow! And that doesn’t take account of New Year!

Our Leeds ladies had to disagree – well a bit at least. They admitted that they do eat, and drink more over Christmas, but they haven't yet given up on the diet – it'll be a different story come next week though! Even our gorgeous Leeds escorts like to take a bit of time out from watching their figures, come New Year though, they'll be back in the gym and toning up those fantastic bodies!

The research shows that women are slightly more likely to treat themselves than men, but guys, 72% of you will over-indulge compared to 77% of women. It’s not just the food though, as alcohol plays a big part in the increased calories. Channel 4's Secret Eaters Food psychologist, Christy Fergusson, said: "Sugar very quickly becomes our faithful friend when it’s cold outside and we’re under the stress of entertaining and hosting family and loved ones."

We've only got one thing to say about that. Pass the mince pies!

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