Stuck For A Christmas Gift?

If you're struggling to get your Christmas card written or looking for something a little different to give as a Christmas gift, this just might be the answer. Liquide Christmas card are the way to go! Yep. Liquid Christmas Cards.

The girls at our Leeds Escort Agency rather like this idea. You can post personalised Gin cocktails to your friends and family – so a card and pressie in one! Etched Cocktails is the ultimate in a gin cocktail Christmas gift.

The drink is a mix of gin, peach, green tea, apple and lemon. It’s all mixed in a jar that has a personalised label. You can order online and have it sent instead of both a Christmas card and a gift! If gin's not your thing (or your friend's), there's a Vodka cocktail too. There's one made of Vodka, raspberry, kiwi, apple and lemon, or Vodka, white cranberry, coconut, orange and chai.

Order from They cost £12 each plus postage and there's a choice of labels so you can have your say!

Brilliant! Christmas sorted!

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