Lovers Love Cheese On Toast

If looking at the picture of melting cheese on toast is making you drool, then we've got good news for you! According to a recent survey if you love cheese on toast then you're getting more sex than those people who don't like it! Not only that but you're likely to travel more and be a more generous person.

Needless to say, our Leeds Escorts are all big cheese on toast fans. Well you might have guessed that! The survey, carried out by social networking and dating site Skout, also found that cheese toastie lovers were generally nicer and more interesting people. It seems that 81% of people who responded and said the loved cheese on toast also said they donated money, food or time to those in need. Amongst those who didn't like cheese on toast, only 66% shared their time or money in that way.

When it came to which cheese was most popular for grilling, American cheese came out on top – but that's because it Skout is an American site. Cheddar came second though followed by Mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone and Brie.

We reckon a good cheddar cheese toastie is hard to beat. If you want to get more sex, maybe you should start eating more cheese on toast. Or perhaps it doesn't quite work that way!

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