Cheating Mattress!

If you could buy a mattress that would tell you if your partner was cheating, would you? And even if you could, how on earth would it work? Those were just some of the questions that came up when our Leeds Escorts saw this article about a new mattress.

There is however, a minor catch. It will only work if they have their illicit sex in your own bed! Which we felt might be a bit of a drawback. According to the Spanish manufacturers, Durmet, the mattress has concealed sensors that are supposed to detect those 'sexy movements'. What makes it even more unbelievable is that if the bed detects someone having sex in the bed, it will send you a text! We just couldn’t stop laughing about this story, so much so that we began to question whether it was a wind op or not.

But it seems that the mattress is genuine. The makers say the technology is so advanced you'll be able to see, in real time, which parts of the bed are being used most! That will certainly give you a picture of what's going on!

Called the Smarttress, the mattress might be most purchased in its home country, as Spaniards are said to be the most unfaithful in Europe and their preferred place to conduct their naughty affairs is in their own home! So maybe now we understand the logic behind the mattress. We can't see it taking off any time soon.

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