Celebs To Masturbate To

To celebrate Masturbation Month WeVibe have conducted a bit of research to see if they could identify how people like to masturbate. They surveyed 1,032 people to come up with their results.

You might have thought that with some much porn being so easily available on the internet that would be the first port of call for those of us who like a bit of personal pleasure. But it turns out that we prefer to use our own imagination � and guess who we like to fantasise about? Our Leeds Escorts thought it might be people we know. You know, that hot girl in the coffee shop or your partner's sister or best friend! And although we do that too, it seems that we're most turned on by imagining celebs.

So who comes top of the masturbation fantasy list? Well for the heterosexual guys it seems that it's Jennifer Lopez. For the ladies it's Channing Tatum closely followed by Ryan Gosling. Our ladies in Leeds didn't agree, with one of their top favourites being Johnny Depp!

It turns out that one in three men think about a celeb when masturbating, whilst only one in five women are thinking about a celeb.

You�ve still got 9 days of Masturbation Month left so what are you waiting for? Who's your favourite?

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