Casual Sex Is Good For You

It can sometimes be something we'd rather not admit to, but there's no doubt that casual sex can be fun. Unfortunately many of us suffer from embarrassment or shame when it comes to admitting our preference for casual sex. But there's no need! It turns out that casual sex is good for you!

Women in particular find it difficult to admit to enjoying casual sex. It's somehow not considered seemly to admit to enjoying sex outside of long term relationship. But now's the time to get rid of the guilt and the shame, which, according to recent research could be damaging to our mental health.

If you asked any of the ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency they would have been able to tell you just how much fun casual sex is, providing you are being careful of course! A video, produced by The Science of Us tell us that casual sex can actually improve the quality of our life. It can lead to reduced stress levels and generally increase our happiness.

What matters in all this is not how much or how little casual sex you have, but how you view it. The research found that students who saw casual sex in a positive light reported higher levels of well-being after indulging. But those who saw it in a negative way experienced a drop in mental well-being – albeit a small drop.

So stop feeling bad about it – go enjoy yourself!

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