Bus Driver Pleasures Himself On Bus

Some people have got no shame. This London bus driver was caught on camera by a bystander when he decided to enjoy some personal pleasure between the seats. Quite literally it seems!

The footage was taken on Mohamud Mohamud's phone as he stood outside his home with his brother Hazma. The two guys were smoking a cigarette when the spotted the half-naked bus driver on the top deck. Our Leeds ladies couldn't believe the bare-faced cheek of the driver!

The driver of the 123 bus route to Ilford, North London was standing by a steamy window that faced the road. Said Mohamud, ‘I was so shocked. I saw that he is almost naked on the top of the bus and could see him rocking forwards and backwards. At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but when I realised I got my phone out to start recording.'

The driver, who has not been named, has been suspended.

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