Breast Implants For Sale On Ebay

If someone you know is thinking about having breast enlargement surgery, you wouldn't normally think of eBay as the place to go. However, one enterprising, or daft, woman is selling her implants on Ebay because 'they're the wrong size'.

'Katt-12345' has posted her 11-month-old implants on the site with a starting price of £200 and free postage and packing. You might think that's a bargain, but there are a few snags to purchasing second hand breast implants.

Experts have criticised the seller. Once medical implants have been used on a person, and then removed, they are known as explants and are medical waste. In other words they should go in a bin, not into someone else. Our Leeds Escorts certainly wouldn't go anywhere near them.

Although the seller says the implants have been sterilised, she's pictured holding them, which rather belies that fact. 'No medical professional would risk their career by putting a pair of used breast implants back into another human being. The health risks are endless' said Antonia Mariconda, founder of the Safety in Beauty campaign.

It's likely that the seller just hasn't thought this through and has no idea of the risks involved.

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