Breast Assault

Poor Ng Lia-Ying. She was just taking part in a protest in Hong Kong when police got involved and she ended up being arrested for assaulting an officer with her breasts! The 30-year-old, from Hong Kong, was part of a group protesting against people from mainland China buying goods on the cheap in Hong Kong and then selling them on in their home country for a profit. (Yeah, we know, we'd call it business, but it seems the people in Hong Kong don't like it!)

Anyway, regardless of what the woman was protesting about, it was the charge that caught the attention of our Leeds Escorts. It seems a scuffle broke out between protestors and police and Lia-Ying claims that the policeman groped her breast. She then screamed out 'indecent assault!'

But a magistrate didn't believe her. Instead, he believed the police officer who claimed that Lia-Ying 'bumped' him with her breasts! He accused Lia-Ying of using her 'female identity' by trying to bring an allegation that the police officer had molested her and according to the South China Morning Post, called it a 'malicious act'. We're not sure just how much damage you can do with your breasts, nor whether the police officer was hurt.

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