Wearing Boxers In Bed.

If you’re a guy who likes to sleep in his boxer shorts or other style of pants– take heed. You might like to reconsider that decision as new advice on men’s health suggests that wearing those boxers in bed is bad for your health!

Why, we hear you ask. Well it seems that you risk getting fertility problems and the best way for a man to sleep is in the nude. And our Leeds Escorts wouldn’t disagree with that!

Dr Brian Steixner is director of the Institute of Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group. He explained that sleeping in boxer shorts or pants affects the temperature of your crotch, and being too warm during the night can affect the quality of your sperm. You’re also more likely to suffer with chafed or irritated skin.

The other plus to sleeping in the buff is that if your body is cooler it also lowers your blood pressure.

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