Bog Snorkelling

Our Leeds Ladies arent really that impressed with this one, but it seems that Bog Snorkelling is a real passion for some. So what does it involve exactly? Snorkelling in a bog of course! Doesn't sound that appealing to us!

However, if the thought of getting covered in mud sounds like a good idea to you, then maybe this unusual sport is right up your street! The 'sport' has been around now for over 30 years, with this year's 30th Bog Snorkelling Championships being held in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales as always.

The sport, as you might have guessed, involves swimming through a swampy bog, with only a snorkel for help. As you can see from the photo, contestants do end up looking a bit like a monster from the deep!

The sport is incredibly popular, with hundreds of competitors turning up at the bog to compete and become world champion, taking the crown from the current champ, Haydn Pitchforth. Oh well, it takes all sorts!

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