Body Paint's The Thing

Clothes? Forget it. For some girls clothes are so pass�. They have ditched their clothes in favour of body paint. That's right. Across the globe, girls have stripped down to their birthday suits to follow the latest trend.

And we have to say, they look amazing! Naturally, how good these painted clothes look depends on the skills of the artist. But if you get it right, it can be hard from a distance to tell the body paint from the real thing.

Our Leeds Escorts thought some of these 'costumes' were incredible and would love to give them a try! You can choose just about anything, from super hero costumes to nurse outfits. Whilt the clothes look totally realistic, some girls prefer to go for the abstract or even animal themes. Playboy bunny, Melissa Howe, recently posed sporting some body painting to make it seem as if she was wearing an England football top.

Our favourite though was definitely this this Laura Croft number, complete with gun. These painted clothes leave little, in fact nothing, to the imagination though, so if you fancy giving it a try, just make sure you're feeling really confident!

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