Promoting Body Love

The streets of Berlin were filled with something unexpected this last week. Whilst many people might have been looking forward to seeing Christmas decorations and lights, there were some women, and men, walking round in their underwear.

Our Leeds ladies were impressed with this story, which is why we're featuring it in out blog. Photographer, Silvan Denker, got together a group of women of all shapes and sizes. It was part of her Body Love project, hoping to show that beauty comes in many different forms. Women of every age and size were showcasing their boides to Berlin.

As the women walked around the city, men joined in too. Silvana has already taken the project to the streets of Siegen, Koblenz, Hamburg, and Cologne and their next stop is Stuttgart on the 19th of December.

Said Silvana: 'I want to reach as many people as possible and make more people confident that the way they look is just perfect.'

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