Bikini Hair

To remove or not remove, that's' the question. When it comes to a woman's bikini line it seems most men prefer a clean shaven look. But have you thought about what that involves for the women in your life? We asked the ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency for a bit of an insight and did a bit of general research of our own too.

They certainly had something to say on the subject! Number one on their list was 'it hurts!' It turns out it's one of their least favourite things to do. Which really shouldn't be a surprise. Which is probably why the trend hasn't caught on with men!

There are other problems too. Not least of which is that research has shown that bikini hair starts to grow back within 17 minutes of removing it! All that pain and discomfort for nothing then! For some women, removing their bikini hair leaves them with chicken skin, bumpy and blotchy, when freshly removed. Not the desired effect. It can be itchy, sore and red. Professional waxing is also expensive! However, many women like remove their pubic hair, despite the drawbacks. Some said it makes them feel more sexy.

But it seemed that the thing that most got women upset was the fact that men don't, by and large, do it. They reckon that if they can go through all that pain just to look the way you want them to, it wouldn't hurt for you to reciprocate!

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