Are These The biggest Boobs In The World?

Are these the biggest boobs in the world? The 32ZZ breasts belong to an adult model, known as Beshine. Measuring 59 inches and weighing in at nearly three stone, surely these have to be the largest fake boobs in the world.

The 31-year-old blonde, real name Mayra Hills, wasn't naturally blessed with a busty figure. She was once a flat-chested A cup. Her surgically enlarged breasts contain 10 litres of saline and give her a figure that measures 59-28-36. Says Beshine on her blog: It is always an adventure to be in public with such big boobs.

We had a big discussion about these fake boobs amongst our Leeds Escorts, partly wondering what drives someone to do that to their body, partly wondering how she manages to live a normal life with those back-breaking boobs, and partly wondering if any men really find them attractive. The photos on her blog site seem to suggest that Beshine manages to live a normal life, even working out in the gym. Her NSFW Twitter account has racked up 120,000 followers who it seems, are all eager to hear her daily updates.

Does any man in Leeds think these breasts are really sexy?

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