Dating Site For Big Penises!

Some women really do only want to date men who have a big penis. Until now the problem has been, how to find them without working your way through a whole bunch of guys first! Well, ladies, problem solved!

A dating site, especially catering for men with large willies and people who want to meet them, is the place to go. 7 or Better was founded by Steven Paternanck for guys who have at least 7" to offer! Steven told us 'I had the idea of talking to a few female friends who were complain about investing time with guys who turned out to have small penises.'

The site was actually launched in 2008 and now has about 40,000 members and is increasing in popularity with the straight and gay community.

We asked some of our Leeds Escorts what they thought about the site and about penis size in general. We all know that guys worry about size, but what about the ladies? At our escort agency, most of our ladies agreed that it's not about size, but what you do with it! Then again, it's all helped along a bit more if your partner knows what they're doing too!

According to website founder, Steven, there are plenty of men out there who simply can't find a partner who can 'accommodate' them. For these guys, 7orBeter is a real boon! So whether you're a well-endowed guy looking for a lady who likes big boys or you're a lady to whom size really does matter, pop over to and check out the members!

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