Best Time To Have Sex

We always knew that a bit of afternoon delight was just what the doctor ordered, but now it's official! The best time of day to have sex is 3 pm. Which is a bit of a downer really as most of us are at work at that time of day!

According to expert Alisa Vitti, this is the best time of day for men and women to have sex because it’s the time women feel most alert and energetic (really? Here in the Leeds Escorts office we're usually flagging a bit around then). And men, apparently, reach their peak levels of oestrogen about that time of day which makes them more 'emotionally present' during sex.

She did add that actually men will have the best sex in the morning, but for the best couple experience waiting for that peak of oestrogen in the afternoon will ensure that their partner is at their most aroused and you'll enjoy a more connected experience.

Sadly for most of us, it'll mean having sex at the best time will have to reserved for weekends. However, if you can sneak away for a bit of naughty afternoon delight during the weeks, it'll probably be even more special And if you're still enjoying the Christmas break, the next few days could be full of fun!

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