Make It Last

Let's face it, no one wants great sex to be over too soon, but sometimes it's just too hard to keep it all under control! Here's our guide to the best moves for lasting sex and the one to avoid. Read on!

It's not unusual for women to take longer to reach orgasm than men, so if you want to do the right thing by your partner, delaying your own pleasure if the best way to do it. Using the right moves can boost your enjoyment too. As any of our Leeds Escorts will tell you, decent foreplay is a good start. It'll relax both of you and get you ready for the main course. And these are the best sex positions to help you last longer.

of the list is 'Woman on Top', sometimes known as the Cowgirl. Your partner straddles you, meaning that she has more control. She can set the pace and if she thinks you're getting close too quickly she can lean forward and rest on her elbows.

Next on the list comes 'The Cross'. A little more tricky to explain, it's the position in our picture. It's a great position because it delays a guy's arousal as be can't move as easily because he's on his side. This way he can’t get carried away. A relaxed position, it can be used in a longer session to slow things down a bit.

Last on our list is 'Spooning'. Pretty basic this one, but none the less effective. Both lay down facing the same way, with the man's pelvis a little lower than the woman's. This position puts the man in charge, but creates shallow penetration and slower movements, thereby delaying his orgasm.

The one position to avoid though is Doggy Style. Popular as this can be, with the woman on her hands and knees and the guy behind, it means that the man has all the control – and that control can easily be lost!

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