Give Women The Best Orgasms!

Many men just don't understand the female orgasm. In fact some women don't understand it either! We shouldn’t really be surprised as it's not something we talk about a lot and many women fake orgasms just to please their partner. But now a new website is about to come to your aid.

OMGyes is a website dedicated to the female orgasm. It has a 12-step interactive guide to giving women mind-blowing orgasms. Unlike many similar sites or advice, OMGyes is not full of anecdotes and hearsay. They teamed up with the Kinsey Institute and did some proper research.

Our Leeds Escorts had a look and think the site is amazing! OMGyes talked to over 2000 women between the ages of 18 to 95 (yes 95) about the actual techniques they find work for them. They found that many women were using similar techniques, but perhaps not surprisingly, none had names. Well we don't talk about it do we? So the first thing they did was name them, then get a bunch women to demonstrate on their bodies how to actually perform them.

You can see an example of the technique called 'edging' at this link Be warned this is definitely NSFW or any public place. It’s not porn, but it is explicit.

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