Beer for Better Sex

Well guys, it's official! Having a couple of pints can boost your libido and help sex last longer! A sex expert claims that beer can make you better in the sack, and that the sweet nectar will boost you libido and give you longer lasting and more intense erections.

But don't get this wrong, it's equally true that if you overdo it, then you'll more than likely suffer with so called, 'brewer's droop'. Our Leeds girls appreciate that you guys sometimes have to walk a fine line!

Los Angeles based sex expert, Dr Kat Van Kirk, reckons that dark beers and stouts are the best a boosting sex drive. The phytoestrogens in the alcohol in beer are scientifically prove to delay orgasm she told the website, Askmen.

Apparently beer can give you more intense erections because the high iron content increase the red blood cells and the blood flow to the penis.

A recent study in Italy also found that a pint a day can reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke by up to a third, provided you couple it with some exercise. Guinness is probably your best bet, as it's packed with rich vitamins and minerals.

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