Beer And Hot Tubs.

Do you like hot tubs? Our Leeds Escorts absolutely do. Do you like beer? Well, some of our ladies don't mind a beer. Imagine putting the two together. That's just what Scottish Craft Beer company BrewDog is planning to do.

This could be heaven for those of you that like the idea of a relaxing holiday and you're a big beer fan. BrewDog has tried before to build a bee-themed hotel in Scotland but sadly failed. Now they are planning to take their ideas to America and build their beer-themed hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

Each room in the hotel will be designed around beer. There will be beer breakfasts, beer fridges in the shower and free beer on tap in every room. And yes, there are going to be hot tubs filled with beer! Even the spa treatments will be focussed around beer, with hop face masks and barley massages. Sounds like fun to us!

To fund the project BrewDog has launched an IndieGoGo campaign. They're looking for about 61,300 to get the project going but at the time of writing have already raised 169% of their target! So it looks like the hotel will definitely go ahead. We can't wait but please BrewDog build one here!

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