Beer Diet

If you enjoy a pint of beer, then this latest bit of research from Oregon State University is going to really cheer you up! Drinking beer can he you lose weight. Yes, that’s right. Beer can help you lose weight!

The researchers at the University have found that a flavonoid found in beer and hops, xanthohumol, helped mice lost weight and lower their cholesterol. Our Leeds Escorts were so interested in this bit of research they nearly all headed off down the pub to order a pint! However all was not as it at first seemed.

Whilst it is true that the mice give the highest dose of xanthohumol cut their harmful cholesterol levels by 80% and gained 22% less weight that those in the control group, the mice had to have a huge amount of xanthohumol. In fact, if you weighed around 10 stone you’d have to drink around 3,500 pints of beer in 24 hours – which would, in fact, kill you!

So don’t go rushing off down the pub just yet. Although, who knows, maybe the odd pint or two might have some benefits!

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